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is a community of diverse humans who are committed to deepening the connections between one another and to the natural world as we move into the future of the digital metaverse.


The community will continue to explore how our connection to nature facilitates a deeper connection to our inner selves, as well as uniting all humans as one. We are committed to bringing the healing aspects of Mother Nature into Web3 in new and profound ways.

She Blooms NFT

In a not-so-far-off future world, humans have found a way to co-create and live in harmony with nature, and the Bloom Generation was born. The connection to nature is so embodied by the Bloom Generation, that nature actually grows from within them. This internal blooming, symbolizing their harmony with Mother Earth, is also a realized visual expression.


This evolved race can communicate with the magic of the natural word by sending thoughts into the roots of trees, connecting to the mycelium [the intelligent neuro network of the natural world] and intentionally cause flowers to bloom to help sustain the never ending cycle of life and create harmony on Planet Earth.


Kelley Anderson is the Founder and Creator of Art Botanica, a moss art studio based in Los Angeles, and her newest endeavor, "She Blooms" an NFT series launching in July 2022. Her art has been showcased in galleries, media, events, and private collections across the world.


Through the power of nature, Kelley is able to overcome the obstacles that stood in her way and create a life for herself that was once only a dream.


Kelley's life changed forever when she became a single mom. She had an infant son and no way to support him on her own. She felt isolated and financially drained. But when she reached out to nature, it gave her back everything she was missing: strength, love, security, and hope. It taught her how to stand tall on her own two feet and be there for her son through the challenges ahead. Nature helped Kelley design a destiny she could not have imagined before.


Today, Kelley is committed to empowering others to create their own destinies by sharing her story through her botanical art and mission-driven NFT series, "She Blooms", because life is about blossoming into ourselves and how we offer our gifts to the world around us.

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Kelley Anderson

She / Her

 Lead Artist & Founder

Art Botanica & She Blooms NFT 

“I think of my botanical  art as a window into the harmony of the natural world. I want people to feel and experience that joy, love, and divinity that can be seen so clearly in nature."


Phase 1


A collection of 4,444 beautiful floral faces.

NFT will be minted on ERC-721a blockchain.

Carbon offset with


Phase 2

 50% SOLD 

Early holders are entered to win an Animated Flower NFT and also given early access to partner projects and air drops.

Phase 3

 100% SOLD 

Voting on conservation organization takes place for all holders. 11% of profits of the mint sale goes to chosen org. AND we plant over 100,000 TREES!

Post reveal: holders will be given an opportunity to participate in wellness events IRL and virtually! We will offer immersive wellness community activities including sound alchemy performances, breath-work, guided meditations, nature and art therapy, and more!


Several Holders will win a IRL custom botanical moss art created by Kelley Art Botanica just for you and shipped to your door!

Rain Flowers

Phase 4

 The Future Blooms 

What the Bloom Future Holds...

Symbiosis with mycelium, tree roots, and soil microbiome will come into play to deepen the connection of the community and create new digital assets and early access to curated partner projects that align with our values.

NATURE METAVERSE: She Blooms will create Beautiful BLOOMING NATURE in the Metaverse! As a community we will design majestic mountains, rivers, waterfalls, beaches, forests, and green-space, providing a place to enjoy the beauty and connect to the healing energy of nature within the virtual world. In the no so distant future our IRL Wellness Activations will take place in the immersive virtual world we build together as a community. You will meet your Bloom Community members for Nature Wellness Workshops and events in VR! (We are currently building on Some Place, Horizon Worlds, and a few other metaverse platforms.)


IRL EVENTS: One day Eco-Wellness Immersive events held across the country to support our community in FULL BLOOMIFACTION! Take a peak HERE.

VIRTUAL EVENTS: She Blooms community will host health and wellness workshops including breath-work, embodiment, nature-based therapy, art therapy, mindfulness, and mediation with a focus on being in connection with Nature. Our workshops go DEEP into the healing modalities Mother Nature has to offer! You'll learn new ways to heal and grow that are provided naturally by our amazing planet.

She Blooms.png

community will host several IRL events to deepen connections in the community. We will organize tree planting and wildflower planting ceremonies where we can come together and give back to the natural world that graciously hosts us on the beautiful planet.

She Blooms NFT will donate a percentage of the proceeds to a community chosen nature conservation organization and educate and advocate for the web3 world to find new eco-conscience solutions in what is now an energy-intensive space.

Community NFT holders will vote on chosen conversation organization to receive 11% of profits of mint sale.

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She / Her

Nika Belinsky is a Marketing Coordinator, Actress and Artist with over 6 years of experience in PR and Social Media. She played a monumental role in growing Drunk Elephant Skincare’s social media and marketing strategy and is now moving her work into NFTs. 


As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and a digital illustrator herself, Nika focuses her efforts on inclusion and diversity in the NFT world. “As community manager at She Blooms, my goal is to create a more inclusive digital world. I believe NFTS can be the bridge between collectors and those artists who have historically been marginalized; women, queer folk and BIPOC.” 


Nika is passionate about connecting with others, feel free to connect with her here:

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She / Her

Victory Jones is a singer, songwriter, sound alchemist & creative entrepreneur in the realms of music, meditation, wellness & experiential curation. 

Victory is more than an artist, she is an experience. . .
the multi-faceted creative, artist & entrepreneur is no stranger to taking risks and fearlessly walking into the unknown to discover the beauty and wonder of the world, thru travel, sound, ritual and community. The expansive multi-hyphenate is truly a rare gem in both the music & wellness industries and is both earthly & ethereal; with an intuitive genius and creative flair that is unmatched. Her many talents & skills along with her open heart & curious mind have led her to create many amazing & beautiful offerings and experiences that have changed the lives of countless individuals. As fully embodied being, she is truly a conduit for inspiration and transformation.

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He / Him

Gavin Brodin is a luxury interior designer from London, with 25 yrs of industry experience, you can find his work featured worldwide. He is also the founder and principal of Brodin Design Build based in Beverly Hills California boasts a string of high-end clients as well is known for redesigning the largest mansion property in Los Angeles, the Spelling Manor. He thrives at challenging build-outs, bespoke projects, and his modern yet sophisticated eye for design attracts both men and women, classic or edgy, loud or subtle which makes him one of LA's best transitional designers in the industry.


His newest endeavor is Formed For, a sculpture e-commerce gallery, curated by him and his co-founder/fiance, that will offer sculpture art from around the world in a one-stop-shop environment accessible to architects, landscape artists, and designers.

Tim Nguyen BW.jpeg



He / Him

Tim Nguyen is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles. Over the past 15+ years he has been instrumental in building multiple businesses and brands across different industries including Streetwear, SaaS, and now the NFT space.

He recently co-founded NFTs Everyday with his partner, Samantha Nadres. NFTs Everyday is a consulting agency focused on helping artists and projects navigate this fast-growing space. The agency serves a wide range of clientele and focuses on strategic advising in the areas of community building, brand development, and general marketing strategy.

Tim, is passionate about connecting with others, please feel free to connect with him here: 

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He / Him

James Iacabucci has over 25 years of C-level technology leadership experience, having co-founded and helped build Xtiva to become the leading incentive compensation and sales performance management SaaS solutions for the broker-dealer and wealth management communities.


Many of the world’s leading financial services firms use Xtiva’s cloud solutions to manage over 150,000 active brokerage books and more than $400 billion in production handled.




He / Him

Technical advisor, Web2/3 developer, corporate consultant and creative manager. Has launched multiple tech projects for start ups.


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